Sunday, March 23, 2008

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This gang of high-energy outlaws has been on the run for some time. With their recent consolidation of power, they have been untouchable. But one of them has dropped his guard. Will the law nab him or will they continue to chase the ring leaders. Stay tuned and find out!

Yesterday, in America's favorite game-show, "Find That Easter Egg". The challenge was laid out and in today's episode the solution is revealed. There were no correct solutions submitted.
Now for the solution. Look to the left under the search box and you will see the three blocks in the center of them is a dot "." (see arrow below). Click that dot and it will take you to a unpublicized page showing a world map of where all the D4L Channel viewers reside. Active viewers will be flashing.
Thanks, to all that participated!

It's been an exciting week! Next week is going to be another exciting one. Don't risk missing a minute of it. You can have it all packaged and delivered directly to you by clicking here and subscribing to the D4L Channel.

While waiting for this week's feature presentations, you may want to tune in to a few of these classic episodes: