Sunday, March 2, 2008

* Classic Variety Week on the D4L Channel - Mar/02/08

This week on the D4L Channel we bring back classic variety programming. Here are a few items coming your way:

  • The Classic Horror Flick: What’s scarier than the beast from beyond? It makes less sense than Psycho. They are among us now, and the clock is ticking. In about six weeks they’re coming for us. We better be prepared... tick, tick, tick, tick ....
  • Survivor: There are currently five slots and six contestants. Someone will be asked to leave, and it won't be pretty!
  • Branded!: A tagged man on a mission...
It's going to be another memorable week. Don't risk missing a minute of it. You can have it all packaged and delivered directly to you by clicking here and subscribing to the D4L Channel.

While waiting for this week's classics, you may want to tune in to a few of these featured episodes: