Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Building Yield: Consumer Goods Dividend Stocks

Demand for household and personal care products is generally stable and not affected by changes in the economy or other factors. There are certain things people will continue to purchase no matter how bad the economy gets. If you lose your job, you probably won’t stop bathing, washing your clothes, brushing your teeth or stop buying toilet paper. Given the relatively low price of most consumer goods, consumers often prefer to pay a few pennies more for a name brand that they are confident with.

Raw material costs is a primary driver of profitability, and the larger more established companies are in a better position to negotiate better terms. Growth comes from a growing population and expanding into emerging markets where the people are starting to earn a wage they can not only life on, but begin to buy things we consider necessities.


The Consumer Goods is one of the largest sectors in my database of dividend stocks. As noted above this is a very important sector for dividend growth investors. It it brings yield stability and potential growth to an income portfolio. Many income and value portfolios are over-weighted in Consumer Goods. Keep the soap and toilet paper coming!

Full Disclosure: No position in the aforementioned securities.

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