Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Why Dividend Growth Stocks Are Evil

I can't carry on anymore. The secret has become too much of a burden and it must be shared with the masses. This will shock some and enrage others, but it must be said, and I should be the one to say it. Dividend stocks are evil and they will eventually lead to the collapse of western civilization as we know it. There, I said it and here is why I believe it...

Dividend Stocks Empowers People

By starting early in life and building a portfolio of dividend growth stocks, people are empowering themselves and taking charge of their future. At first blush, this may not sound like a bad thing but consider the consequences. Lord Acton saw the problem more than a century ago when he stated “All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Power is meant for the government, not people. The government has a much more experience with corruption than individuals.

Dividend Stocks Weakens The Need For Government

Power is like mass, it can not be created or destroyed. Any gains in power in one area must be offset by a loss in another. When people make wise financial decisions and are empowered with a secure and independent future, this power must come from somewhere, and in this case it is to the detriment of our beloved government. The foundation of our modern government is a needy society beholden to its benevolent hand. If the masses aren't relying on the government to sustain their meager existence in retirement, how can we continue to justify our current behemoth governmental infrastructure and expenditures. And even worse, a shift of power to the people could go to their heads and eventually lead to them demanding accountability from their elected officials. This is sacrilege!

Dividend Stocks Will Destroy The World Economy

If individuals start making wise financial decisions and investing in dividend stocks instead of buying "stuff" produced around the world. The world economy could collapse. Imagine what would happen if we stopped buying plastic stuff made in China - their government would not be able to fund all their military endeavors. This would leave them open to another student up rising in Tiananmen Square, and this time the government may not be able to silence the people.


Now that the secret is out, what are you going to do? Will you continue to buy these evil stocks and build an independently secure future and allow our government and world economy to fail? As for me, I plan on spending the next couple of days digging my tongue out of my cheek!

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