Saturday, May 26, 2018

Weekly Links: May 26, 2018

Each weekend I highlight any notable articles that I came across over the past week. Though I may not always agree with each of the articles highlighted, they will often provide an interesting argument for their position. We can take some concepts that may or may not align with our vision, then apply them to our framework, and voila, a new idea is born.

Articles you might find interesting:

- 38 Dividend Champions To Consider
- Tandem Diabetes Care
- 47 Years of Dividend Growth from Leggett & Platt and MSA Safety
- Are You The “Maaster” of Your Money?

The DIV-Net Featured Articles:

- 8 Dividend Stocks With The Right Stuff
- Recent Sell – OHI

Articles from D4L-News:

4 Deep-Value Dividend Stocks Yielding Up To 11.8%
A few stocks have contributed to the market’s losses more than others, however, and these four stocks in particular have been clobbered to a point where their yields are fat and their P/Es are slim. Indeed, each of these stocks yields between roughly 7% and 12%, but they all trade at less than 10 times next year’s estimates! Are these four wild bargains, or “cheap for a reason”? Let’s dive into our analysis...

A 10% Yield, Increased Distribution, No K-1, Goes Ex-Dividend This Week
You know what's good to see in one of your holdings? Management actually doing what they said they were going to do. The yield is 9.97%, with 1.17X coverage in Q4 '17. Goes ex-dividend this week. Management just raised the payout, based on new assets that'll increase 2018 earnings substantially. It's 12% below analysts' lowest price target. This is a C-Corp that issues 1099s - no K-1. There's also a preferred series yielding 8.4%...

1 Dividend Stock I’d Buy Today
Reliable dividend stocks with the potential for long-term payout growth can be solid choices for investors looking to generate cash and even beat the market overall. When a company delivers those dividend hikes, a low-yielding stock can turn into a high-yield stock before you know it...

Beating The Market, 21 Straight Hikes, Record Earnings, 7% Yield, Analyst Upgrades, 10% Distribution Growth In 2018
21 straight quarterly hikes, with very strong 1.27X coverage. Management is calling for 10% distribution growth in 2018. Record earnings in Q1 '18, with multiple growth projects coming online in Q2-Q4 2018. Received multiple analyst upgrades and upward earnings estimate revisions in the past two months. No more IDR payouts, which frees up cash flow - GP swapped IDRs for common in a huge Q1 '18 deal...

5 Top-Performing Dividend Stocks to Buy in May
With so many concerns plaguing investors’ minds, dividend paying stocks are tempting options at the moment. The best dividend stocks pay out a healthy yield and have strong prospects, and are less susceptible to market gyrations. Their large customer base, sustainable business model, long track of profitability and strong liquidity allow them to offer sizable yields on a regular basis, regardless of market direction. While finding companies that offer these traits isn’t easy, they certainly do exist. To help you find these businesses, we have selected five dividend payers who have a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) or 2 (Buy)...

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There are some really good articles here, please take time and read a few of them.

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