Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where To Find The Best Dividend Stocks

Investing in Dividend Growth Stocks is a time-tested approach used by conservative investors to build a growing income over time. This strategy is not difficult, but it can be time consuming if you try to track all the Dividend Aristocrats, Dividend Achievers, Dividend Champions and other stocks with a long history of increasing their dividends. So what's an investor to do?

D4L-Premium Services is designed to provide the busy dividend growth investor with a wealth of relevant information. Each week the D4L-Premium Services publishes pertinent data on 210+ of the best dividend stocks. It consists of:
  • D4L-Dashboard: An easy to read, color-coded, dashboard that sorts the 210+ stocks by Stars and yield.
  • Analytical Reports: A detailed analytical report is available for all 210+ stocks tracked.
  • D4L-Data: A LibreOffice (OpenOffice) spreadsheet containing a significant amount of data on each of the 210+ dividend stocks tracked. The data is sortable and has built-in buttons and macros to make it easy to use.
  • D4L-Alerts: Subscribers get an email alert when relevant news breaks, when content has been updated, or when I make a trade in my income portfolio.
  • D4L-Forums: Have you ever looked for a place where you can intelligently discuss dividend growth stocks with like-minded people? D4L-Forums is the place where serious dividend investors gather.
You can get all this for less than $0.23 per day - by far the best bargain on the internet. The D4L-Premium Services are designed for the serious dividend investor.

Here are a few testimonies from satisfied subscribers:
I recently subscribed and have been extremely happy. This is one of the best resources I have found anywhere. Thank you!
L.G. - Texas

I appreciate the vastness of the info that you supply. It is extremely helpful. Thank you.
J.M. - Massachusetts
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