Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekly Links: April 8, 2012

Each Sunday I highlight the Carnivals I participated in over the past week, along with any notable articles that I came across. For those readers not familiar with carnivals, it's where personal finance bloggers submit their best articles of the week with one blog serving as the host. The entries are separated into various categories such as Investing, Credit, Debt, Budgeting, Frugality, Wealth Building, Money Management, Financial Planning, Insurance, Taxes, The Economy, Real Estate, et. al.

Articles I enjoyed reading included (in no particular order):

- The Dividend Guy presented TSX 60 Dividend Yield and Ex-Dividend Date
- Dividend Monk presented 5 Dividend Payers with Very Strong Balance Sheets
- Dividend Mantra presented Freedom Fund Update - April 2012

The DIV-Net Featured Articles

Articles from D4L-News:

Dividend Stocks That Will Outlive the Hype
With dividend investing suddenly in vogue, my inner contrarian shudders with every pro-dividend TV segment and newspaper headline. "Leave my beloved dividend stocks alone!" -- I think and drift into memories of the good old days when the media celebrated cash-flow negative "growth" stocks and sneered at corporate bellwethers as "stodgy" and "grandfatherly." But then my better judgment appeals to me: It's for the best. I too am pained by the attitude that dividends are...

Stocks With 10% Dividend Yields
We all see the news about what stocks the big billionaire gurus are buying like Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn and others. Many investors follow these gurus hoping to piggyback on their stock picks. This is a strategy for a short to median trade, as these stocks see price increases as more investors jump on board. What about high dividend stocks? A select group of gurus own stocks with dividend yield above 10%...

How to Handle the Coming Dividend Tax
Unless Congress takes action, the top tax rate for the highest earners on most dividends, currently 15%, is set to jump to a whopping 43.4% next year. That is a maximum income-tax rate of 39.6% -- since dividends will once again be taxed as regular income -- plus a 3.8% tax on investment income as part of the health-care overhaul passed in 2009. Dividend investors could protect themselves in the short term by...

Gross Favors High-Quality Bonds, Dividend Stocks
Bill Gross, who runs the world's biggest bond fund at Pimco, said he favors high-quality, short duration and inflation-protected bonds and dividend-paying stocks with a preference for developing over developed markets. He also favors commodities whose prices rise with inflation and are limited supply. Gross made these recommendations...

How The 4% Retirement Rule Converts To Dividends
A common rule that has been applied both by individual investors and financial planners/brokers is the 4% rule. What is it? Basically, if you try to plan your retirement, you should expect to be able to retire 4% of your capital in the first year. Then, you can increase the amount that you withdraw every year to account for inflation. One of the main differences between retiring with a traditional savings portfolio and a dividend portfolio one is...

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There are some really good articles here, please take time and read a few of them.

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