Saturday, December 18, 2010

* Pocket Change Portfolio - November 2010

The Pocket Change Portfolio (PCP) was first introduced on September 13, 2008 as a real money dividend income portfolio funded by the "pocket change" earned from my various online endeavors. Each month I report on the portfolio's progress and update its holdings.

Dividends Received

Total dividends received during the month were $525.54, consisting of:

Dividend Stock Purchases

The following securities were purchased during the month:

Annualized Dividend Income

Including the above purchases, my annual PCP dividend income is now $2,692.55 at the current dividend rates. This is up $198.39 from last month's $2,494.16 amount. The PCP has never experienced a monthly decline in annualized dividend income.


Portfolio Returns

  • Month: 2.11%
  • Year-to-date: 26.76%
  • Life-to-date: 26.77% (annualized)
My PCP holdings are always available by selecting the Holdings option from the menu in the header. The next PCP update will be mid-January.

Full Disclosure: Long all the aforementioned securities. See a list of all my income holdings here.

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