Thursday, October 7, 2010

* Will You Have A Growing Income In Retirement

During this economic downturn, my employer decided to forgo annual raises for all salaried employees for one year. After enjoying a raise for every year of my working life, I certainty missed not getting one. It made me stop and think, when I retire inflation will not stop and my expenses will continue to increase. Just to maintain my current standard of living, I will still need to see my annual income grow each year. It is not in my plans to continue working after retirement, so if I want to enjoy a rising income in my golden years, I had better start planning for it now.

I plan to rely on Dividend Growth Stocks to ensure my income continues to grow when I am no longer working. For this to work, I will need to build a solid dividend growth portfolio now, during my prime working years. Dividend growth stocks is a strategy that fits my personality well. I love to watch my annualized dividend income grow steadily each month, while not worrying about the day to day movements in my portfolio or the market.

Fortunately, I enjoy tracking hundreds of dividends stocks. If you don't have the time or desire to do this, consider a service that is aligned with your goals such as D4L-Premium Services.

D4L-Premium Services is designed to provide the busy dividend growth investor with a wealth of relevant information. Each week the D4L-Premium Services publishes pertinent data on 190+ of the best dividend stocks. It consists of:
  • D4L-Dashboard: An easy to read, color-coded, dashboard that sorts the 190+ stocks by Stars and yield.
  • Analytical Reports: A detailed analytical report is available for all 190+ stocks tracked.
  • D4L-Data: An Open Office spreadsheet containing a significant amount of data on each of the 190+ dividend stocks tracked. The data is sortable and has built-in buttons and macros to make it easy to use.
  • D4L-Alerts: Subscribers get an email alert when relevant news breaks, when content has been updated, or when I make a trade in my income portfolio.
  • D4L-Newsletter: A monthly newsletter that provides subscribers a quick overview for the upcoming month. It contains key summary information from D4L-Dashboard, Premium Links, statistical information and other commentary.
You can get all this for less than $0.20 per day - by far the best bargain on the internet. D4L Premium Services are designed for the serious dividend investor. If you have not yet subscribed, please see the Overview and Subscribe page for more information on the benefits of these services, sample reports, pricing and subscription information. The premium section can always be accessed via the Premium menu option on the top-left of the menu bar.