Sunday, July 27, 2008

* Up Next on The D4L Channel....

It is a week of contrasts! We start the week with something electrifying and powerful. This kingpin has the Big Apple sitting in the palm of his hand. If he doesnt perform, he can make millions and millions of people truly miserable.

Wednesday, we meet Mr. Williams, a sensitive interior decorator. If you've got color questions? Mr. Williams has answers. He knows the difference between the colors Scanda and Gusto Gold and Recycled Glass.

Here at the D4L channel, were not into colors, but dividends. The only question I have is, will either of these two make it into my dividend portfolio? Stay tuned, we'll about to find out...

It's been an exciting week! Next week is going to be another exciting one. Don't risk missing a minute of it. You can have it all packaged and delivered directly to you free by clicking here and subscribing to the D4L Channel.

While waiting for this week's feature presentations, you may want to tune in to a few of these classic episodes:
(Photo: Sem Rox)