Saturday, January 26, 2008

* Pre-Screening Dividend Stocks - Epilogue

In Wednesday's article "Pre-Screening Dividend Stocks - Part II", I posted a link to [D4L-PreScreen.xls]. This was a cleaned up version of a tiny section of my two massive financial spreadsheets.

My wife would tell you that I am practical to a fault. I am not into appearance for the sake of appearance. I drive an inexpensive practical car and don't spend a lot of time fretting over how it looks. With that said, I thought some of you would enjoy a glimpse of my pre-screen model embedded in one of my two massive spreadsheets. Here's a peek at it:

Some of the items should look familiar to you. In cell F1 is the "Max Div. Growth" input; "Symbol" is in cell A132; the "NPV of MMA Differential" is calculated in cell D132; "Current Yield" is entered in I132; the outcome/action is in cell A134; the comment is in cell C134; "MMA Yield" is entered in C137. You will also notice my "Stocks to Pre-Screen" section around cell A144. My file is horizontal with each stock contained on a single row.

At the time of this writing there are approximately 100 securities that I am tracking in this file. This tab is linked to another tab where prices and yields are updated daily, which in turn will recalc NPV of MMA Differential for each file. This allows me to monitor securities such as JNJ that are on the borderline.

I must admit to a little spreadsheet envy after I built [D4L-PreScreen.xls]. However, the one above has been serving me well for many years, so I think I will keep her.

TV Trivia Question: What popular mid '60s to mid '70s TV show introduced the word "Epilogue" into the main-stream? Leave a comment with your guess. Don't know? Check back tomorrow for the answer!

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