Saturday, December 22, 2007

* My Unique Investing Process

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Every investor has a unique process that they follow when buying and selling stocks. In the past, I have written about certain aspects of my process and I am currently working on several additional posts. To pull all of this together in a logical format, it will be helpful to introduce the conceptual framework that I use.

A. Why Buy Dividend Stocks?
B. Understanding and Measuring Risk
C. Determine Your Goal and Asset Allocation
D. Identify Potential Investments for Evaluation
E. Pre-screen the Investment

F. Perform Detailed Quantitative Analysis
G. Perform Detailed Qualitative Analysis

H. Begin Accumulating the Security

I. Evaluate Your Holdings

J. Formulate an Exit Plan
In the future I will continue to add substance to the above framework by filling in specific details. You can always reference this post by clicking on The Process... in the header menu.