Saturday, December 29, 2007

* My Dividend Income Holdings

In late November 2007 I added a widget to display my dividend holdings on the right sidebar. I have not been completely satisfied with this widget for a several reasons:

  1. With all the embedded information (news, graphs, etc.) it slows down the page loads.
  2. The version of this widget that shows % change is too wide for my sidebar (my focus is always on % change vs. a monetary change).
  3. The widget is limed to 25 securities, so there is not enough room for my stocks and ETF holdings.
I have attempted to address these issues by moving my dividend stock holdings widget to a separate page so that it is only displayed on command. By placing it in the body of post I have room to use the wider widget with the % change displayed, and it also allows me the flexibility to add a second post for my ETF holdings. You can now access these by selecting Holdings from the header menu.
Let me know what you think of the new setup!