Thursday, December 27, 2007

* Dividends4Life Toolbox

Presented here are some models and tools you might find useful:

Excel Models:
D4L-Portfolio.xls (alt.1) is a subset of my Portfolio tab contained within one of my two financial spreadsheets. It illustrates several basic concepts as noted in these articles:
D4L-PreScreen.xls (alt.1, alt.2) from my article Pre-Screening Dividend Stocks - Part II. When done correctly, a thorough quantitative and qualitative evaluation takes a significant amount of time to complete. This model helps to determine which stocks are worthy of that level of evaluation.

JackJill.xls (alt.1) from my articles Passing the Torch - Part 1 of 2 and Passing the Torch - Part 2 of 2. This model will allow you to enter the value of your equity investments next to your age, your expected rate of return, along with future contributions and it will then estimate your equity balance at retirement.

10-Year-Inv-Calc.xls (alt.1) from my article Reaching Your 10-Year Investing Goal. A useful model to help you calculate and set a 10 year goal. The model is flexible and allows you to vary and experiment with most of the inputs.

D4L-Asset-Allocaton.xls (alt.1) from my article Asset Allocation Model. This model can be used as a starting point to measure your asset allocation over all your investment holdings using three different measures (origin, capitalization and sector).

20-Year-DCF.xls (alt.1) from my article Discounted Cash Flow Model (DCF). This model can be used to calculate a stocks fair-value based on estimated future cash flow, considering both dividends and ultimate sale after 20 years.

Div-Investing-vs-SandP.xls (alt.1) from my article Dividend Investing vs. S&P Index Fund. This spreadsheet will help you compare the historical returns of the S&P 500 vs. one or more individual dividend stocks.

Quarterly Historic Dividend Payments: This link to Yahoo finance allows you to view the periodic dividend payments for a selected company.

Annual Historic Dividend Payments: This link to The Dividend Investing Blog allows you to view the annual dividend payments for a selected company.

MSN's Deluxe Portfolio at MoneyCentral as discussed in the article Tools To Calculate Investment Returns.

D4L High Yield Stocks stock screen as discussed in This Sword Has Two Edges! (Note: This stock screen will likely only work with Internet Explorer.)