Saturday, December 8, 2007

* The Canadian Connection

As a relatively new blogger, the one thing that has stood out in my mind is the number of Canadian bloggers in the areas that I am most interested in - finances and dividend investing. I am always scouring the web looking for new ideas and concepts, and it seems that no matter what I use for my launching point, I end up on a Canadian financial/investing site.

To further fuel the fire, I have noticed looking at the stats on Feedburner, that a significant number of the people that visit my site are from Canada. Now this may be a chicken and egg situation - since I spend so much time visiting and commenting on Canadian blogs, that may be why I have so many Canadian readers.

It makes me wonder if I am a misplaced Canadian that was errantly dropped in the deep south (U.S.) I would be interested in your thoughts on why so many of the best financial sites/blogs on dividend income are located in Canada?

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