Saturday, October 30, 2010

* Third Anniversary Post

Tomorrow, October 31, 2010, will mark my third full year of writing as Dividends4Life. It is hard to believe another year has passed. Like the first two years, it has been a wonderful and eventful year. Looking back so much has changed since last year's anniversary post. Below are some of the more notable changes: Reborn

Last year I transitioned my primary blog from to Eventually, I thought the old Dividends4Life site would dry up and die, but it didn't happen. This year I began posting interesting dividend news on the site twice daily. In a very short time the site has developed a loyal and growing following. Since the conversion, the site has seen over 10,000 page loads each month and more than 350 RSS/Email readers. If you haven't visited the new Dividends4Life site click here to check it out and you can subscribe by Email or RSS.

D4L-Premium Services

On July 9, 2009, Dividends Value began offering D4L-Premium Services as premium content for serious dividend investors. At the time I hoped to get 20-30 subscribers as my break-even target. It has surpassed all my expectations. Last October D4L-Premium Services had 70 active subscribers. It has now grown to over 260 active subscribers.

During the past year we have introduced new features such as D4L-Data and the D4L-Newsletter. At the request of several subscribers, this January we began offering a discounted annual subscription. Click here for more information on the D4L-Premium Services.

Amazing Growth

As mentioned in Pocket Change Portfolio, I never expected Dividends4Life go anywhere and certainly didn't expect the growth I have seen over the past three years. Since last October, Dividends Value has averaged over 105,000 page loads per month with a high of 140,371 last January. Our Email/RSS subscriptions have grown from 1,500 subscribers to over 2,300. Dividends Value's articles are syndicated on several sites, many of which have a large number of followers such as Seeking Alpha with over 34,000 readers following me. I continue to be amazed and humbled at how far these sites have come.


Many thanks to all those that take time from their busy schedule to spend a few minutes with me each week!

There have been so many kind people that I have got to know as a result of my writing. I appreciate all who have faithfully read, commented and supported my sites over the last three years. I am truly excited about the upcoming year.

Best Wishes To All,