Thursday, March 11, 2010

* D4L-Premium Services Affiliate Review

The greatest compliment a colleague can pay you is to purchase your premium service (unsolicited), then ask if he can become an affiliate. I was certainty humbled when The Dividend Guy did just that. But he didn't stop there. Earlier this year he did a full review on the D4L-Premium Services. Here is a small sample:

The only premium web content I do pay for is The D4L-Premium Services because it provides me with a lot of the dividend data I need in one nice package and saves me a great deal of time in tracking this data down all over the web. For $5.95 per month, it is by far the cheapest services I have ever bought as well! I encourage you to give it a try here.
Click here to read The Dividend Guy's full review. After the review was published, D4L-Data and a one-year subscription were added.

The D4L Premium Services are designed for the serious dividend investor. If you have not yet subscribed, please see the Overview and Subscribe page for more information on the benefits of these services, sample reports, pricing and subscription information. The premium section can always be accessed via the Premium menu option on the top-left of the menu bar above.