Saturday, July 18, 2009

* Pocket Change Portfolio - June 2009

Each month I update the Pocket Change Portfolio (PCP). The table below reconciles the PCP from beginning of period to end of period for June 2009, Year-To-Date (2009) and Life-To-Date. The Portfolio Returns line provides the calculated return for the three displayed periods.

Description June-2009 Year-To-Date Life-To-Date
Beg. Portfolio Value 6,298.87 3,395.62 -
Online Cash Receipts 876.09 3,786.05 7,334.39
Online Expenses - (30.00) (116.60)
Gross Profit 876.09 3,756.05 7,217.79
Dividends 47.16 88.32 113.48
Interest Income 0.37 5.98 12.13
Subtotal 923.62 3,850.35 7,343.40
Gain/(Loss) (52.51) (75.99) (173.42)
Ending Portfolio Value 7,169.98 7,169.98 7,169.98
Portfolio Returns -0.07% 1.94% (1.70%)
Online Cash Receipts are the collected earnings from my online endeavors. Most of which is advertising on the my various blogs. The year-to-date $30.00 Online Expenses relates to registering 3 domains (, and I received Dividends from KO ($9.02), BP ($16.80) and ED ($15.34) in June. The Interest Income line is interest earned on cash balances in an ING account I set up for the PCP. The Gain/(Loss) line is for market changes to the PCP (realized and unrealized).

Online earnings in June continued to improve from the setback of moving my primary site to a new domain in February. I expect online earnings to slowly build for a period of time as Dividends Value establishes itself.

During the month of June, I purchased 18 shares of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) stock. This will provide me $35.20 in annual earnings at the current dividend rate. Including the JNJ stock, my annual PCP dividend income is now $259.10 at the current dividend rates. I ended the month with $1,077.60 in cash, which will enable me to purchase my seventh PCP stock in July. It had been my goal to have sufficient earnings to purchase a stock at least once each quarter. However, given my recent experience, my new goal is to have sufficient earnings to purchase a stock eight times a year. Through June I have purchased four stocks.

My PCP holdings are always available by selecting the Holdings option from the menu in the header. The next PCP update will be mid-August.

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