Thursday, July 9, 2009

* Introducing The D4L-Dashboard

Since its launch in 2007, Dividends Value has been a leading provider of relevant information for dividend investors. I am proud of the wealth of information made available free of charge to my readers. Beginning today, Dividends Value will offer some premium content for serious dividend investors. It is my intention not to alter the free information currently provided, but to supplement it with some premium content.

The D4L-Dashboard is my first premium service. For each stock that I track, I gather a significant amount of information - currently about 500 cells per stock. With the number of securities tracked approaching 100, this is just too much information to quickly and efficiently digest. So I developed a color coded dashboard that allows me to quickly absorb the information.

The dashboard includes a significant amount of information on all 86 stocks that I currently follow, including buy price, Star rating, risk rating, and much more. For the stocks that I own, the report shows the amount I own as a percentage of my income portfolio and annual dividend income. Also, included is weekly commentary on what I am planning to buy, have bought and changes in the status of tracked stocks.

Even though I provide free detailed stock analysis on many dividend companies, the amount of preparation needed limits me to one analysis per week and I won't review that company again for at least six months. As we have all learned, things change quickly in the market. A strong buy three weeks ago may not still be a strong buy today.

The D4L-Dashboard allows You to See What I See.

For more information on the D4L-Dashboard, including a sample report, pricing and subscription information, please see the Overview and Subscribe page. The premium section can always be accessed via the Premium menu option on the top-left of the menu bar above.