Monday, October 1, 2007



Q: I subscribed with PayPal and clicked on the [Return To Merchant] button and nothing happened. Why didn't it work?
A: For some unexplained reason the [Return To Merchant] button doesn't always work. Unfortunately, I have been unable to get an answer from PayPal and I have been unable to duplicate the problem in the PayPal sandbox. See "I just signed up, when do I get my login credentials?" below.

Q: I just signed up, when do I get my login credentials?
A: After you complete the transaction, PayPal/Google Checkout sends me an email letting me know that you have subscribed. The email includes your name, email address and street address. From this point forward, it is a manual process on my part. When I am not traveling, I go through the subscriptions received each night and email out the user names and passwords, so in most cases you should receive yours within 24 hours. If I am traveling, I will provide the login information as soon as I return, no later than the following Saturday.

Q: I subscribed last week and went through the weekend. Why haven't I received my login credentials?
A: Your user name and password are sent to your PayPal/Google Checkout email. There are three main reasons why you did not receive it:
  1. You did receive it but your email filter mistook it for spam. Check your email's spam folder first.
  2. There have been numerous instances where a subscriber's PayPal/Google Checkout email address was no longer valid or had a typo in it.
  3. Sometimes "stuff happens" on a computer... emails are lost, bounced or otherwise never arrive. Contact me and I will resend it.
Q: How do I cancel the subscription?
A: You can cancel the subscription from within PayPal or by clicking on this link. Your access will continue through your anniversary date. Google Checkout subscriptions do NOT automatically update, so there is no need to cancel.

Q: I updated my credit card information on PayPal and it canceled my subscription. Why did that happen and what do I need to do?
A: For some unknown reason, PayPal cancels all subscriptions whenever you update your credit card information. Your subscription is still good through the time you paid for, after that you will need to resubscribe to continue using the D4L-Premium Services.

Q: Is there another way to pay other than PayPal or Google Checkout?
A: Currently PayPal and Google Checkout are the only available options. I am looking other alternatives, but so far they all have "issues" that must be overcome.

Q: I have accounts with both PayPal and Google Checkout, which is better to use?
A: The PayPal option provides the most flexibility. With it you can subscribe monthly or annually. Since it is a subscription, the PayPal price you pay will not increase as long as the subscription is active. Google Checkout only offers a 12 month subscription that must be manually renewed each year at the current price - which means you could end up with a price increase from your previous subscription.

Q: I have additional questions/concerns. How do I contact you?
A: If at anytime you have questions or concerns, please contact me.