Monday, October 1, 2007


This page is no longer maintained.  

All Premium content is now available at
D4L-Pemium Services.

The D4L-Alerts is a premium feature available to subscribers of the D4L-Premium Services. If you have not yet subscribed, please see the Overview and Subscribe page for more information.

Currently there are three types of alerts available for to subscribers who have opted in:
  1. Premium Content Updated: Whenever premium content is updated, an alert is sent to the group.
  2. Income Portfolio Buy or Sell: Whenever I make a buy or sell in my income portfolio, an alert is sent with information on the trade.
  3. Income Portfolio News: An alert is sent whenever I come across relevant and timely information, such as dividend cuts, related to key companies in the D4L-Dashboard. If you come across such information, forward it to me and I will alert the group.
For instructions on how to activate or deactivate the alerts, please click the link below (you will need your user name and password):

D4L-Premium Alerts Activation/Deactivation Instructions