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Weekly Links: May 26, 2013

Each Sunday I highlight the Carnivals I participated in over the past week, along with any notable articles that I came across. For those readers not familiar with carnivals, it's where personal finance bloggers submit their best articles of the week with one blog serving as the host. The entries are separated into various categories such as Investing, Credit, Debt, Budgeting, Frugality, Wealth Building, Money Management, Financial Planning, Insurance, Taxes, The Economy, Real Estate, et. al. Below are the carnivals that I participated in this week, along with a link to my article:

Articles I enjoyed reading included (in no particular order):

- Dividend Growth Investor presented Are we in a REIT bubble?
- The Dividend Guy presented Can Disney’s Wonderful Realm Please Investors As Well as My Kids?
- Hello Suckers presented An ultimate dividend payer

The DIV-Net Featured Articles

Articles from D4L-News:

Mid-Cap Dividend Stocks Yielding Over 6%
The stock screen was meant to identify companies that are paying out dividends at a sustainable rate, at least at first glance. A payout ratio of below the industry average would give a preliminary indication that the dividends are manageable when compared with other companies with high yields. I also looked for companies whose price has not changed that much in the past four weeks. This way, we may identify companies that have missed some of the recent run and uncover potentially underpriced stocks. Prospect Capital Corporation was found but I have recently highlighted the stock so I will not duplicate that here. That leaves us with four stocks that we will look at here...

Dividend Stocks For The Next 20 Years
While none of us have a crystal ball, I will attempt to show how 8 stocks that currently pay a dividend could potentially become the dividend winners over the next 20 years. It might or might not replicate what was shown in the previous article, but I believe these 8 stocks have the absolute potential of doing very nicely. Ironically, 6 of the 8 stocks are held in the Team Alpha Retirement Portfolio already. 8 Stocks That Could Be The Dividend Winners Of The Future...

These Dividend Stocks Are Undervalued
One quantitative screen, which investors can run to identify potential undervalued stocks is to look for low PEG ratios, a metric which is calculated by combining the P/E multiple and the consensus earnings growth rate. Analysts aren't always correct, of course, so it's important to combine looking at the PEG ratio with additional analysis. We decided to also screen stocks which are "cheap" by this measure for their dividend yield in order to potentially identify interesting names, which investors can research further. Using data from Fidelity, here are five stocks with a market capitalization of $1 billion or more, PEG ratios of 0.9 or lower, and dividend yields of 3% or higher...

Dividend Stocks With Really Cheap Price Ratios
Dividends are great, not only because you get cash in your pockets. It’s also a symbol for the ability of a company to share its profits with the shareholders of the company. Dividends are good but they are better when the company is cheaply priced. This month, I started a screen serial of the cheapest stocks from several major sectors. Today, I observe financial stocks with a large market capitalization (over USD10 billion) and a positive dividend yield.Here are my favorite stocks...

Solid Energy Dividend Stocks
In today's low-yield environment investors are scrambling to make up the paltry income found in bonds and are increasingly looking to higher-yielding stocks. In some cases investors are taking on too much risk for the reward of a few extra dollars of income. However, in the case of these three stocks to follow, investors can get their desired income by investing in companies with a secure future. That's why these three stocks are some the best dividend payers in the energy sector today...

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There are some really good articles here, please take time and read a few of them.

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