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15 Dividend Stocks With A 15% Yield In 15 Years

"I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been."
- Wayne Gretzky

I know very little about hockey, but I have always loved this quote. It can be applied to so many things in life, including investing. Just as Gretzky has a vision as to where the puck is going, investors need to have a similar vision, and not get caught up on short-sighted distractions. Investing in dividend growth stocks requires a long-term vision. It is easy to run a screen and find stocks that are paying a 15% yield today; but how long will they be able to sustain it? Instead you may want to skate to where the future 15% yielders are going to be. To do that, here are some things you need to know...

Tracking Yield On Cost

Yield-on-cost (YOC) is simply Current Annual Dividend dividend by Original Cost Per Share. YOC not a substitute for calculating an internal rate of return (IRR). The IRR calculation takes into account both capital appreciation and the timing of cash flows (purchases, sells and dividends). However, as a dividend growth investor, my primary focus is on dividend growth and since my desired holding period is forever, capital appreciation is little more than an interesting side note. YOC is much better suited for tracking dividend growth since it is individually tied to a stock and takes into account all the variations of growth rates over time, along with the timing of purchases. Also, it is useful when trying to explain to our income investor brethren why we chose the stock yielding 3% over 'Amalgamated Risk' at 8%.

My D4L-Data model includes projections of YOC after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years. These projections are derived by growing the current yield using the dividend growth rate. As for the dividend growth rate, I use the minimum of the 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 year compound annual growth rates; or 15% if in every consecutive 4-year period dividends grew on average in excess of 15%.

15 Dividend Stocks With A 15% Yield In 15 Years

Sorting the stocks in my D4L-Data model by their 15 Year YOC and throwing out some bad apples, we are left with these 15 stocks that are projected to have a 15% YOC in 15 years:

T. Rowe Price Group Inc. (TROW) operates one of the largest no-load mutual fund complexes in the United States.
Yield: 1.8% | Growth: 15.0% | 15 Year YOC: 15.0%

Cardinal Health Inc. (CAH) is one of the leading wholesale distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical/surgical supplies and related products to a broad range of health care customers.
Yield: 1.8% | Growth: 15.0% | 15 Year YOC: 15.0%

Owens & Minor Inc. (OMI) is a leading domestic distributor of medical and surgical supplies to the acute care market, a health care supply chain management company, and a direct-to-consumer (DTC) supplier of testing and monitoring supplies for diabetes.
Yield: 2.4% | Growth: 13.2% | 15 Year YOC: 15.6%

Praxair Inc. (PX) is the largest producer of industrial gases in North and South America, and the second largest worldwide. It also provides ceramic and metallic coatings.
Yield: 2.0% | Growth: 15.0% | 15 Year YOC: 15.9%

Aflac Incorporated (AFL) provides supplemental health and life insurance in the U.S. and Japan. Products are marketed at worksites and help fill gaps in primary insurance coverage. Approximately 80% of earnings comes from Japan and 20% from the U.S.
Yield: 2.3% | Growth: 15.0% | 15 Year YOC: 18.2%

Stryker Corp. (SYK) makes specialty surgical and medical products such as orthopedic implants, endoscopic items, and hospital beds.
Yield: 1.2% | Growth: 20.0% | 15 Year YOC: 18.6%

Casey's General Stores Inc. (CASY) has over 1,500 convenience stores in the Midwest, selling food, beverage, health and automotive products.
Yield: 1.3% | Growth: 19.8% | 15 Year YOC: 19.4%

Weyco Group, Inc. (WEYS) distributes, wholesale & retail, men's branded footwear in the U.S., Canada, Europe; it offers casual footwear, dress shoes and accessories under Florsheim, other brands.
Yield: 2.6% | Growth: 15.0% | 15 Year YOC: 21.0%

Walgreen Co. (WAG) is the largest U.S. retail drug chain in terms of revenues, this company operates more than 8,000 drug stores throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
Yield: 1.7% | Growth: 18.5% | 15 Year YOC: 21.7%

Nucor Corporation (NUE) is the largest minimill steelmaker in the U.S., Nucor has one of the most diverse product lines of any steelmaker in the Americas.
Yield: 3.1% | Growth: 15.0% | 15 Year YOC: 25.5%

McDonald's Corporation (MCD) is the largest fast-food restaurant company in the world, with about 32,500 restaurants in 117 countries.
Yield: 3.2% | Growth: 15.0% | 15 Year YOC: 26.1%

ConocoPhillips Co. (COP) is the fourth largest integrated oil company in the world, and the second largest in the U.S.
Yield: 3.3% | Growth: 15.0% | 15 Year YOC: 26.6%

People's United Financial Inc. (PBCT) provides a full range of banking and financial service products to individuals, corporations and municipal customers in the U.S. Northeast.
Yield: 6.0% | Growth: 11.3% | 15 Year YOC: 30.0%

Southside Bancshares Inc. (SBSI) primarily provides financial services to individuals, businesses, municipal entities, and non-profit organizations.
Yield: 3.7% | Growth: 16.6% | 15 Year YOC: 36.9%

Old Republic Intl (ORI) writes property and liability, mortgage guaranty, title and life, and disability insurance.
Yield: 5.4% | Growth: 15.0% | 15 Year YOC: 43.6%

One key component of current yield is risk. If Treasuries (risk free) were paying 7%, 8% or 9%, many income investors and a significant number of dividend growth investors would divert a portion of their portfolios to them.

You will note that most of the above stocks are yielding under 4%. It is also important to note that I do not believe that all the above stocks will achieve their 15 year YOC. In much the same way high-yielding stocks often end up cutting their dividends, many of the above stocks will end up cutting their dividend growth rate. Put another way, there is risk associated low-yield high-dividend-growth stocks. However, for the high dividend growth stocks that perform well over the next 15 years, the rewards are potentially much higher than those of a high-yield, low growth stock.

Full Disclosure: Long OMI, NUE, MCD, COP. See a list of all my income holdings here.

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