Tuesday, November 9, 2010

* Watch The Watch Lists

Today we have a lot of great resources available to help us identify superior dividend growth investments. Most investors will start with S&P's Dividend Aristocrats, the US Broad Dividend Achievers and the U.S. Dividend Champions. When combined, with duplicates eliminated, there are over 200 unique stocks on these lists.

That's a lot of information you would have to sort through just to track and analyze potential investments. Unfortunately, the information is ever-changing with each quarterly earnings release, dividend announcements and other relevant external events. What's an investor to do if they don't want to spend an additional 20-30 hours each week tracking and researching their investments?

Most investors find a service that is closely aligned with their investing principles and allow them to do the footwork. For a growing number of dividend investors the D4L-Premium Services is providing them with relevant and timely information allowing them to make informed investing decisions.

D4L-Premium Services is designed to provide the busy dividend growth investor with a wealth of relevant information. Each week the D4L-Premium Services publishes pertinent data on 190+ of the best dividend stocks. It consists of:
  • D4L-Dashboard: An easy to read, color-coded, dashboard that sorts the 190+ stocks by Stars and yield.
  • Analytical Reports: A detailed analytical report is available for all 190+ stocks tracked.
  • D4L-Data: An Open Office spreadsheet containing a significant amount of data on each of the 190+ dividend stocks tracked. The data is sortable and has built-in buttons and macros to make it easy to use.
  • D4L-Alerts: Subscribers get an email alert when relevant news breaks, when content has been updated, or when I make a trade in my income portfolio.
  • D4L-Newsletter: A monthly newsletter that provides subscribers a quick overview for the upcoming month. It contains key summary information from D4L-Dashboard, Premium Links, statistical information and other commentary.
Here are a few testimonies from satisfied subscribers:
Thank you for your excellent work. Your monthly subscription is way too cheap.
J.C. - Georgia

The Dashboard is a fantastic tool! You've done an excellent job of distilling data into a very usable format.
M.M. - Washington

Have been a long term subscriber since the beginning and I do refer to your data weekly when making dividend-related stock choices.
A.P. - California
You can get all this for less than $0.20 per day - by far the best bargain on the internet. D4L Premium Services are designed for the serious dividend investor. If you have not yet subscribed, please see the Overview and Subscribe page for more information on the benefits of these services, sample reports, pricing and subscription information. The premium section can always be accessed via the Premium menu option on the top-left of the menu bar.