Saturday, October 25, 2008

*Change, the Only Constant

I must admit feeling a little strange writing this post. Sort of like the guy at the IT help desk that sent an email saying, "The network is down, please email me if you don't receive this message."

Earlier this year, Google purchased FeedBurner (the service I use distribute my content via RSS feeds and emails). As with most acquisitions, Google has begun to assimilate FeedBurner into their organization. They are slowly converting the old FeedBurner feeds to Google feeds. That's why you are likely seeing Google ads in your feeds. This is supposed to be seamless for those receiving the feeds, but as technology goes, sometimes there are bumps in the road.

All of my sites were converted last week (Dividends4Life, The DIV-Net and BamaFootball4Life). For the most part the conversion went smoothly. However, there have been some problems with erratic delivery for some readers, primarily on Dividends4Life. The old feed is supposed to automatically map over, but in some cases the content is being delayed for hours.

If you are experiencing problems with your feed, please try updating your feed to the new feed:

You can either manually edit the old feed or delete it and click on the above link. I have found the new feed to be more reliable than the converted FeedBurner feed.

I appreciate your continued support of Dividends4Life.