Sunday, June 1, 2008

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In today's D4L Biography we'll introduce you to Shirley Polykoff. Approximately 54% of American women color their hair. In Europe, it’s closer to 60%. But it hasn't always been this way. Until the mid-1950s only about 7% of the women dyed their hair. Coloring your hair was reserved for actresses, showgirls and ladies of questionable character. Then something happened that forever changed the way women looked at coloring their hair.

It all changed when Shirley Polykoff, a copywriter for the ad agency Foote, Cone & Belding came up with the “Does she… or doesn’t she?” campaign for Clairol. As the story goes, the line actually came from her future mother-in-law during her first meeting with Shirley. Not completely enamored with Shirley because it appeared she "painted" her hair, the future mother-in-law humiliated her by asking, "well, does she or doesn't she color her hair?"

Now that was an important question at the time, but now an even more important question is, "will this banking titan raise it dividend or not?" Enquiring minds want to know, and tomorrow we will get some insight. Stay tuned...

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