Saturday, May 10, 2008

* Progress Update - Apr. 2008

It is the first second Saturday of the month, so it is time for a goals/progress update. Last week's launch of The Wealth, Money & Life Network put me a week behind. My goals were defined in this December 1, 2007 Investing Goals post. Below is an updated version of the table found in the original post.

on Cost
2027 Goal110,00020.00%
2017 Goal30,00010.00%
2008 Goal4,0004.90%
Purchases YTD1,2110.05%
Div. Changes YTD610.09%
Sales YTD(120)0.06%
Div. Changes60.01%
Net Changes4610.13%
Net Changes2770.14%
Net Changes226-0.01%
Net Changes2280.12%

For the month, dividend income increased $188, and Yield on Cost (YOC) decreased -0.06%. These changes were driven by new purchases and dividend changes (no sales in April). Let's examine each of the these categories:

Purchases: The $182 increase in annual dividend income and -0.07% decrease in YOC related to the following purchases (yield at the time of purchase):
  • $51 BP (5.17%)
  • $78 SDY (7.50%)
  • $26 JNJ (2.53%)
  • $27 MCD (2.65%)
Only the SDY purchase increased the YOC and that increase was more than offset by decreases from the other purchases. I continue to expect YOC to drop monthly since most new investments will yield less than my current YOC, and dividend increases will not be sufficient to offset it.

Dividend Changes: The $6 increase in annual dividend income and 0.01% increase in YOC related to the following dividend changes (a=dividend stated in annual terms, q=quarterly, m=monthly):
  • $3 ACAS (1.00q>1.01q - 0.00%)
  • $2 WMT (0.22q>0.2375q - 0.00%)
  • $1 O (0.1367525m>0.13737m - 0.01%)
Excluding 2 special dividends, this is the 15th straight quarter that ACAS has increased its dividend. May 2004 was the last time ACAS's dividend was flat. It was $0.70 per share then.

Sales: I did not sell any income portfolio investments in April.

The next monthly progress update will be on Saturday, June 7th.

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