Sunday, January 27, 2008

* Upcoming Shows on the D4L Channel - Jan. 27, 2008

[que deep, male, "announcer" voice]
This week on the D4L channel...

[que low, powerful, mysterious voice]
Who says you can never go home again? Monday and Tuesday I reconnect with some aggressive growth titans from my past. Could these former champions be looking to make a comeback in a different arena?

[que upbeat, fast, perky voice]
Pop the popcorn and grab the kids! This Wednesday is family night on the D4L channel with the world premier of "Passing the Torch". A touching story of the financial struggles of a middle-class family trying to raise twins in an uncertain world.

[que "Ronco" voice]
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[fade to TV Triva]
TV Trivia Question: What popular mid '60s to mid '70s TV show introduced the word "Epilogue" into the main-stream?

Answer: The F.B.I. - Each episode began with a pre-credits teaser featuring a crime in process, which then superimposed the names of the main villains and their Federal offenses over a freeze-frame. The remainder of the episode was divided into "acts" (Act One, Act Two, etc.), and was capped by an "Epilogue" which tied up loose plot ends and revealed the ultimate fates of the criminals.

[3, 2, 1, cut! It's a wrap. We're outta here!]