Sunday, January 13, 2008

* This Week On The D4L Channel (1/13/08)

Work has been challenging. We are still struggling to integrate the large acquisition I mentioned earlier, all while our 60-day clock on filing the 10-K continues to run. However, in my "spare time" I have been working on some posts for next week.

This week's stock analysis will demonstrate that not all "blue-chip" companies are created equal. The Wednesday article will venture into the mutual fund portion of my portfolio.

Like most financial/accounting types, I am a spreadsheet geek. Everything I do financially is contained in two massive inter-linked spreadsheets (checkbook, investing, analysis, taxes, etc.) I have begun the process of extracting nuggets from these spreadsheets so that I can share them here on Dividends4Life. I may have the first nugget ready the week after next.

Stay tuned and don't touch that dial! (wow, I just realized there are probably some youngsters out there that has never experienced that phrase live :)

While waiting for this week's feature presentations, you may want to tune in to a few of these classic episodes: