Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Are You Creating Your Greatest Missed Opportunity?

When most people hear the phrase "missed opportunities" they tend to reflect on past events and what could have been. By nature I am forward looking, so "missed opportunities" for me is the present and the future. At some point in the future will we look back on our actions today and refer to them as our greatest missed opportunity? 

There is a lot of fear today. Fuel prices have soared driving up the prices of everything that is transported. The economy is slowing and some fear that they may lose their jobs. Many are posturing themselves in a defensive stance, moving money out of equities into cash and bonds. With that, consider the following stocks that I purchased within a year that this article was first published on 08/28/2008 during the financial meltdown:

CNI Bought at: $24.07 | Recent Price $114.06
NNN Bought at: $14.24 | Recent Price $44.21
SYY Bought at: $23.03 | Recent Price $84.48
CVX Bought at: $70.98 | Recent Price $178.28
GPC Bought at: $32.50 | Recent Price $139.18
ITW Bought at: $42.39 | Recent Price $206.74
JNJ Bought at: $63.02 | Recent Price $181.09
KMB Bought at: $52.47 | Recent Price $133.43
MCD Bought at: $56.73 | Recent Price $251.87

By most measures, many blue-chip stocks are trading at a historical discount. Are you going to buy now or pay full-price or a premium price later? Unlike the perpetual going-out-of-business sale at the local furniture store, this sale will end suddenly and without warning.

Full Disclosure: Long all in the aforementioned securities.