Saturday, November 18, 2017

Weekly Links: November 18, 2017

Each weekend I highlight any notable articles that I came across over the past week. Though I may not always agree with each of the articles highlighted, they will often provide an interesting argument for their position. We can take some concepts that may or may not align with our vision, then apply them to our framework, and voila, a new idea is born.

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The DIV-Net Featured Articles:

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Articles from D4L-News:

Collect 19.1% in Royalty Income Starting December 1
Business is booming for royalty owners these days. Regular readers have heard the idea of collecting oil well royalties. These companies don’t drill for oil and gas themselves. Instead, they buy interests in producing wells, then collect ongoing income that can sometimes last for decades. For investors, it’s the safer, more lucrative way to invest in the energy business. Major royalty owners pay out yields ranging from seven percent to even 27%. With oil prices back over $50.00 a barrel right now, these businesses have started to really mint money, and in turn have posted amazing share price performances over the past few months....

3 Dependable High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy
In the category of “income” stocks, a wide variety of options are available to the average investor, with various yields, risk profiles and compounding rates to consider. In this article, I’m going to discuss three income stocks with solid yields which should be considered prime candidates for any portfolio. So without further ado, those high-yield dividend stocks are...

High-Yield REIT Stock Yields 6.7%, Low AFFO Payout Ratio And Valuation, Dividend Upside
This REIT has paid a dividend for 23 years, making it a preferred income vehicle for investors valuing dividend sustainability. Strong portfolio and dividend coverage metrics imply a good margin of dividend safety. Shares are far from being overpriced, selling for less than eleven times 2017e AFFO. An investment in the company yields 6.7 percent...

Monthly High-Dividend Stock Yields 9%, With Qualified Dividends And Major Growth
Back in the "pre-cable" days, there was the simple "Boob Tube," with its three major networks and two to three syndicated networks. The TV industry has grown much more complex in the past few decades, with networks owning cable and web content, video on demand, and Silicon Valley tech firms competing with original content. This stock yields 9.18%, with a 54.80% dividend payout ratio. Free cash flow grew 55%, net income grew 68%, and revenue grew 43% in the past four quarters due to a mega-deal which transformed the company. Management has declared dividends, dates of record, and pay dates for all three months of Q4 2017. These are qualified dividends - no K-1 at tax time....

3 High-Yield Stocks to Own in a Market Crash
Nearly a decade has gone by since the last market crash. No one knows when the next one will come, but it will happen sooner or later. But while some stocks plunge dramatically during a market crash, not all of them do. Real estate, fast food, and pharma could give investors some protection when the next crash comes...

A Government-Guaranteed 17.3% Dividend
Business is good for mortgage real estate investment trusts (mREITs) nowadays. Regular readers have heard about mREITs before. These firms raise cash through debt issues, then buy up pools of higher-yielding mortgages. Profits come from the difference between those two rates, otherwise known as the “spread.” And in the current post-financial-crisis environment, these businesses have become money-making machines. Low interest rates allow mREITs to borrow cheap. At the same time, yields on long-term mortgages remain quite high...

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There are some really good articles here, please take time and read a few of them.

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