Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekly Links: August 7, 2016

Each Sunday I highlight any notable articles that I came across over the past week. Though I may not always agree with each of the articles highlighted, they will often provide an interesting argument for their position. We can take some concepts that may or may not align with our vision, then apply them to our framework, and voila, a new idea is born.

Articles you might find interesting:

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- August 2016 Net Worth Update $866,565
- Dividend Growth Stocks Week in Review for July 30, 2016

The DIV-Net Featured Articles:

- 7 Dividend Growth Stocks That Could Make You Wealthy
- 5 Great Dividend Stocks With Top-Shelf Management And Solid Financials
- Outlook for 2016
- Buffett: The Growth Investor?
- Dividend Discount Model Calculation Explained

Articles from D4L-News:

5 Core Dividend Stocks - Your Portfolio Building Blocks
At any point in your investing journey, you should identify what your core dividend stocks are as they represent the building blocks for your long-term success. Rarely do we just hold 5 stocks in a portfolio. We probably reach at least 10, 20 or even 40 stocks at some point. Failure to identify the core holdings for your portfolio as early as possible will probably create more fluctuations in your holdings than necessary. The fluctuations will cause unnecessary expenses and potential missed opportunities...

3 Dividend Stocks For A Record-Low Bond Yield Environment
Brexit is still affecting the financial world. The bond market is seeing historically low yields, which is driving investors towards other investment opportunities. One of these investment vehicles is dividend stocks, which offer investors income as well as some downside-risk protection. Many investors know that screening is a very powerful way to find the best stocks, but creating your own screens can be difficult and time consuming. Below are 3 high-yield dividend stocks that also have top Zacks Ranks and solid Zacks Style Scores that were found from using the “Dividends with Style” premium screen...

3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks Putting Money in Your Pocket on a Monthly Basis
Among high-yield dividend stocks there is a special class of companies that reward their shareholders on a monthly basis as opposed to once a quarter. Including ETFs and bond funds, there were 127 high-yielding assets investors could buy with a market valuation of at least $300 million, a yield of 4%+, and a monthly dividend as of July 1. Here are three that I happen to fancy...

Top 3 Buy-Rated Dividend Stocks
While plenty of high-yield opportunities exist, investors must always consider the safety of their dividend and the total return potential of their investment. It is not uncommon for a struggling company to suspend high-yielding dividends which could subsequently result in precipitous share price declines. The following contains our analysis of 3 stocks with substantial yields, that ultimately, we have rated "Buy"...

3 Great Dividend Stocks That Could Double Their Payments
Finding a company that's capable of doubling its dividend in short order is sometimes just as good, if not better, than finding a solid high-yield dividend payer. A company paying less than 2% today could yield 3% to 4% on your original basis in a few years, and potentially more in the future. Companies with strong cash flow and low payout ratios are prime candidates to double their dividends. In this article we'll examine three companies that fit the bill...

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There are some really good articles here, please take time and read a few of them.

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