Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Links: February 22, 2015

Each Sunday I highlight any notable articles that I came across over the past week, along with any Carnivals I participated in. For those readers not familiar with carnivals, it's where personal finance bloggers submit their best articles of the week with one blog serving as the host. The entries are separated into various categories such as Investing, Credit, Debt, Budgeting, Frugality, Wealth Building, Money Management, Financial Planning, Insurance, Taxes, The Economy, Real Estate, et. al.

Articles you might find interesting:

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- A Rising Bearish Wedge Pattern Is Developing In the S&P 500 Index
- Five (New) Dividend Growth Stocks On My Watch List
- 2014 Goals - Full Year Recap
- Investing in Individual Stocks (Why I Do It)

The DIV-Net Featured Articles:

- High-Quality, Low-Risk Dividend Stocks
- 18 Cool Dividend Growth Large Caps For A Hot Market
- 21 Stock Ideas To Benefit From Weak Oil Prices
- Five (New) Dividend Growth Stocks On My Watch List
- W. P. Carey Inc. Dividend Stock Analysis
- Are We Still Trying To Keep Up With The Joneses?

Articles from D4L-News:

A Top Dividend Stock With Insider Buying and a 2.9% Yield
The officers and directors of a company tend to have a unique insider’s view of the business, and presumably the only reason an insider would choose to take his hard-earned cash and use it to buy stock in the open market, is that he expects to make money — maybe he finds the stock very undervalued, or maybe he sees exciting progress within the company, or maybe both. So, when stocks turn up that see insider buying and are also top-ranked, investors are wise to take notice. One such company is...

Somewhere Between Dirt Cheap and Bloody Expensive
The S&P 500 has more than tripled in value since early 2009. It's one of the best five-year periods in market history, roughly matching the 1995-2000 bull market that created one of the largest bubbles ever. What's that mean for market values today? Depends who you ask. James Paulsen, chief investment strategist at Wells Capital Management, noted last week that the median S&P 500 company now trades at the highest price-to-earnings ratio since his records began in 1950. The only reason the market as a whole doesn't look as overvalued as the median component is because some of the S&P 500's largest companies that carry the most weight in the index, like...

3 New Preferred Stocks for Your Income Portfolio
Regular readers of my column know I absolutely love preferred stock. Until a few years ago, it wasn’t a well-understood investment and seemed exotic to many. Now, with the ongoing hunt for yield, investors woke up and realized what a great deal the security offers. Preferred stock can be a vastly safer investment that provide much higher yields in relation to risk than bonds. There have been a few new issuances of preferred stock recently, and they seems like they might offer a way to diversify your preferred stock investments. Remember, you want a company that is solvent and in good shape financially, which substantially increases the safety of the issue. Here are three new preferred stocks to consider...

U.S. Stocks Are Still The Place To Be In 2015
When it comes to picking which stock market may be the best horse to ride, investor may want to stick with the good ol’ U.S. of A in 2015. According to several different analysts’ panels by various news agencies, the U.S. is poised to be the major winner in the New Year, as several bullish factors continue to drive-up equity prices. According to a 48-analyst poll conducted by Reuters, both major...

Five Great Undervalued Dividend Socks
Value is the tricky part of the equation. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the future, so it is nearly impossible to say whether or not a stock's current price represents a good value. While finding value is difficult, it is far from an impossible task, and it all begins by screening price-to-earnings ratios. The following five stocks are each solid divided companies, with great underlying fundamentals that I believe are undervalued at their current price...

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