Friday, January 16, 2015

December 2014 Pocket Change Portfolio Performance

The Pocket Change Portfolio (PCP) was first introduced on September 13, 2008 as a real money dividend income portfolio funded by the "pocket change" earned from my various online endeavors. Each month I report on the portfolio's progress and dividends earned.

Dividends Received

Total PCP dividends received during the month were $2,537.45. This is a increase of $1,438.29 from the $1,099.16 received in December 2013. Below are the PCP dividends received over the last 13 months:

- Dec 2014 $2,537.45
- Nov 2014 $827.18
- Oct 2014 $1,187.85
- Sep 2014 $1,041.99
- Aug 2014 $709.70
- Jul 2014 $1,010.44
- Jun 2014 $1,435.04
- May 2014 $1,188.55
- Apr 2014 $1,062.34
- Mar 2014 $1,008.48
- Feb 2014 $981.12
- Jan 2014 $819.63
- Dec 2013 $1,099.16

Annualized Dividend Income

Including new purchases and dividend increases, my annual PCP dividend income is now $15,472.21 at the current dividend rates. This is up $410.96 from last month's $15,061.25 amount. The PCP has never experienced a monthly decline in annualized dividend income.

Portfolio Returns

- Year-to-date: 12.69%
- Life-to-date: 16.84% (annualized)

That's it for this month. The next PCP report will be mid-to-late February. Thanks for for reading!

Full Disclosure: See a list of all my dividend growth income holdings here.

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  1. That's a fantastic single month dividend total -- congratulations!

  2. Last January you reported $12,225 in annualized dividends, so that's almost 27% year-over-year growth. That's pretty impressive growth off such a high base. I'd love to get that sort of growth.

    Thanks for posting.

  3. FerdiS and Eric: Thanks for the kind words. Investing in dividend growth stocks is won't make you rich quickly, but over time it will reward your persistence and commitment.

    Best Wishes,

  4. A $1,438.2 increase from last December is huge. Looks also like this could the last year you receive less than $1000 a month. Very impressive