Sunday, October 12, 2014

Weekly Links: October 12, 2014

Each Sunday I highlight any notable articles that I came across over the past week, along with any Carnivals I participated in. For those readers not familiar with carnivals, it's where personal finance bloggers submit their best articles of the week with one blog serving as the host. The entries are separated into various categories such as Investing, Credit, Debt, Budgeting, Frugality, Wealth Building, Money Management, Financial Planning, Insurance, Taxes, The Economy, Real Estate, et. al.

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- Analysis of individual companies
- Canadian National Railway Dividend Stock Analysis
- Is $50/Week Enough to Start a Dividend Stock Portfolio?
- Nancy Lazar Interview: The U.S. Continues To Be A Driver Of Global Growth

The DIV-Net Featured Articles:

- Are Defense Stocks Good Defensive Stocks?
- These 7 Growth Stocks Have Potential To Make You Rich
- The Difference Four Years Make
- Recent Buy
- Dividend Stock Analysis of Chevron Corporation

Articles from D4L-News:

Rock Solid Dividend Stocks With Upside Potential
Dividend investors are usually only concerned about high yields and growing dividend payments. However, the best dividend stocks also have the potential for the stock price to increase faster than the broader market. Stocks that have good dividend yields and are also undervalued give income investors an added bonus...

2 Humdrum Funds Paying Exciting Dividends
Strong fundamentals are the name of the game for smart yield-seekers, not trend stocks that get more attention from gimmicks and rumors than from their actual businesses. The two names I’ll discuss today are not ones that will make Jim Cramer jump up and down with excitement on CNBC, but they do pay exceptionally high (and stable) income in a market that’s rewarding that objective...

6 Cheapest Stocks With Dividend Yields Over 2%
I always scout for stocks with cheap price ratios. Benjamin Graham was a great teacher about identifying fundamentally cheap stocks, and one of his most popular students was billionaire Warren Buffett. I love to buy stocks that are not far away from their fundamentally reasonable price. I've created a small sheet of cheap dividend stocks with a dividend yield hitting the 2% yield mark. Eighteen stocks fulfilled my criteria, of which one yields over five percent. Below are my six favorites...

3 Contrarian Buys for the Dividends
Officers and directors of many of the leading BDCs believe that either rates will not rise, or that rising rates just won’t hurt them. They have been cracking open their checkbooks and buying shares of their firms in the open market on a pretty regular basis over the past few months, even as the eventual end to zero-percent interest rates begins to appear in the distance. Here are three BDCs that contrarian income investors should consider for their big dividends...

Dividend Paying Stocks With Decent Yields And Room To Grow
Just out of curiosity, I ran a value screen recently, looking for dividend-paying stocks with strong earnings growth, reasonable financial strength, low payout ratios, and decent dividend yields trading at reasonable valuations. I then sorted the resultant list by dividend yield and examined the top 5 securities resulting. Note that this was not intended to be an in-depth analysis of each company, but rather a starting point for further investigation. The first 3 companies are reproduced below...

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There are some really good articles here, please take time and read a few of them.

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