Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Links: April 29, 2012

Each Sunday I highlight the Carnivals I participated in over the past week, along with any notable articles that I came across. For those readers not familiar with carnivals, it's where personal finance bloggers submit their best articles of the week with one blog serving as the host. The entries are separated into various categories such as Investing, Credit, Debt, Budgeting, Frugality, Wealth Building, Money Management, Financial Planning, Insurance, Taxes, The Economy, Real Estate, et. al. Below are the carnivals that I participated in this week, along with a link to my article:

Articles I enjoyed reading included (in no particular order):

- Dividend Monk presented Seven Partnerships with Appealing Incentive Distribution Rights to Consider
- The Dividend Guy presented MCD McDonald’s Dividend Stock Analysis
- Sigma Swan presented Is The Digital Wallet Going Analog?

The DIV-Net Featured Articles

Articles from D4L-News:

Dividend Stocks Want to Pay You More Money
While no one was paying attention, dividend stocks hit a major milestone earlier this month. For most of this year, investors have been transfixed on stock prices -- and whether the venerable S&P 500 can possible surpass its 2007 all-time highs at 1565. But while scores of investors have been watching the S&P, they've missed the record-setting performance that dividends have contributed to the mix. Stocks have never paid out more money in...

Crash-Proof Dividend Stocks to Buy
There’s no doubt we could be in store for some short-term volatility. There’s the “sell in May” seasonality at play that we hear so much about. Earnings season always is a period of uncertainty, where a few bad headlines could sink a sector or send the market running for cover. There also are continued fireworks in Europe, with Spain now the crisis du jour. So what picks should be on your radar right now even if the market could take a spill? Here are three of my favorite crash-proof dividend stocks to consider...

How To Win The Quest For Yield
A plot reminiscent of “The Hunger Games” is playing out for income-seeking investors. In the quest for yield, both dividend-paying stocks and corporate bonds (including lower-rated high-yield issues) have both rewarded investors. Now, like the “kill or be killed” girl and boy leads in the uber-popular film, corporate bonds and dividend stocks are going their separate ways. What’s stirring the crowd...

Can a Dividend Hike be Insincere?
The glitter on this year’s dividend bandwagon sparkled brighter this week when Goldman Sachs (GS) boosted the quarterly payout on its common shares to 46 cents per share from 35 cents. Goldman’s first dividend increase in six years was an upbeat element of the banking giant’s otherwise guarded first-quarter financial report. Analysts noted that Goldman Sachs’ dividend boost represented yet another way of handing cash to company insiders, who...

Dividend Stocks for Retirement Investors
Dividend stocks haven’t really been all that impressive in 2012, as “growthier” investments in tech have stolen the stage and the financial sector has just been on a tear. But don’t count income investments out. Consider that JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM), which was granted Federal Reserve permission to raise its dividend in March, and Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) have great yields despite huge run-ups in share price year-to date. The reality is that...

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There are some really good articles here, please take time and read a few of them.  

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