Thursday, November 12, 2009

* Improvements To The D4L-Dashboard

Recently, I looked at the sample D4L-Dashboard report on the Overview and Subscribe page and was amazed at all the changes and improvements that have occurred since that report was posted. I knew then it was time to update the Sample Report. Below are some of the enhancements that have occurred since the first report was posted:


Tier - Added a tier column. The three tiers that are currently defined are as follows, Tier 1: Four and five Star stocks that are trading below my calculated fair value with a yield above my preset minimum. These are the stocks I categorize as “buy” stocks. Tier 2: Four Star stocks that are trading less than 5% above my calculated fair value with a yield above my preset minimum. These are my “wonderful stocks at a fair price.” Tier 3 stocks are like Tier 2, but instead of 5% above calculated fair value the percentage defaults to 10% and can be changed.

Symbol - Added a light green shading if the stock would have been a buy other than having a "-" in the note column. Light yellow is a Tier 2 buy when the maximum tier is set to 1.

Stars - Color codes now indicate a change in Stars from the prior week. An increase in Stars will show as green, a decrease will show as red and no change will continue show as white.

Note - Added a new Debt/fcf flag in this column. Debt/fcf is an alert when the sum of the Debt and FCF columns are > 100% or FCF is a negative number.

Days - Added note for stocks On The Shelf due to not raising their dividends that displays estimated month and year when the dividend declaration will occur that ensures a year over year flat dividend. At that time, the stock is a strong candidate for a sell.

Other enhancements include:
  • Added an Allocation section that includes my income ETF/CEF holdings along with their % Port and % Inc weightings.
  • Greatly expanded the Commentary section.
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