Friday, January 30, 2009

* Big Names and Dividend Cuts Make The News

Dividend cuts, such as Pfizer's (PFE) 50% slash earlier this week, along with big name companies such as General Electric (GE) and Dow Chemical (DOW) trying to convince their shareholders they won't cut their dividends still dominate the business news. What is being overlooked is the steady stream of companies stepping up to the plate and raising their dividends, as good companies do - even during recessions.

The last week saw too many dividend increases to list them all, but here are a select few that dared to declare double-digit dividend increases:
  • Canadian National Railway (CNI) Increased Its Qtr. Dividend by 10% (2.25% yield)
  • Pall Corp. (PLL) Raised Its Qtr. Dividend by 11.5% (2.18% yield)
  • CMS Energy (CMS) Boosted Its Qtr Dividend 40% (4.25% yield)
  • Alberto Culver (ACV) Increased Its Qtr. Dividend 15.4% (1.20% yield)
  • RPC (RES) Raised Its Qtr. Dividend by 16.7% (3.49% yield)
  • TFS Financial (TFSL) Boosted Its Dividend 40% (2.20% yield)
  • D&B (DNB) Increased Qtr. Dividend 13% (1.83% yield)
In every market there are winners and losers. Find a company that consistently raises it dividend and more times than not, you have found a winner.

Full Disclosure: Long GE, CNI

(Photo: Steve Woods)

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