Sunday, August 10, 2008

* Tomorrow on the D4L Channel...

It's massive; it is still growing and there is no stopping it now. From it's humble beginnings just a few months ago, it has now enticed and lured hundreds with its excitement and carnival-like atmosphere. Are you one of them? Time's running out.

Tuesday we strap on the tool belt for a little home improvement. This isn't just any home improvement, we plan to make something great because we want to help you do things right! Then on Wednesday, after depleting the savings on home improvement, we will do some shopping on the cheap. Will we do it right? Will we have any money left to go shopping on Wednesday? Forget those questions! The only one that matters is will either of these be good enough to work their way into my income portfolio? Stay tuned, its coming up...

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While waiting for this week's programs. You may want to tune in to a few of these classic episodes:
(Photo: Sem Rox)