Saturday, February 9, 2008

* Like Milk, Stock Analyses Have a Shelf Life

What is the shelf life of a stock analysis? It can be anywhere from a few seconds to days, months or even a year in some extreme circumstances. Dividends4Life has been up and running for a little over 3 months with my first stock analysis posted on 11-03-2007. I considered just deleting the old analyses after they reached a certain age, but decided it might be interesting to see how a stock's metrics change over time.

I don't plan to review the validity of each posted stock analysis. Instead, it is my intention to periodically move the older analyses to an archive page. To that end, I have created an archive stock analysis page and I will move the oldest analyses to this page at the beginning of each month. The plan is to have the most recent two months of analyses available on the main analysis page, with a link on that page to the older analyses.